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About Us

Hospice & Palliative Care Education in Baltimore, MD

Hospice and palliative care are high value, high quality, patient and family-centered services that should be a larger part of any population health initiative. We feel that both of these critical aspects of medical care are highly under-utilized in the United States and strongly contributes to the poor international ranking of US healthcare annually.  Our goal is to advocate for you, and the patients and families you serve so they can receive these high-quality services in a more-timely manner. We believe that improved delivery of hospice and palliative care in the US and worldwide will dramatically improve the quality of care that patients receive. Our program for hospice care education in Baltimore can help you achieve these goals for your health facility.

The mission of is to provide the educational tools necessary for healthcare providers to give expert level hospice and palliative Care. We have one goal in mind: To help you do what you do best, which is Caring.

Our process is to help you achieve greater knowledge to maintain your Certification.  You have the option of purchasing a 30 or 90-day subscription, which allows access to our multiple Educational Activities.  For each designated activity, you will receive .50 AMA PRA Category 1 Credit™ if you pass at 75% or greater. Satisfactory completion of each activity also counts towards ABIM MOC(Maintenance of Certification) points for those who are eligible.

Our Partnership with Global Education

To enhance your success, we have chosen to partner with Global Education Group.

Global Education Group’s Mission

Global Education Group’s mission is to effectively measure the healthcare impact of continuing education interventions that promote clinical competence and performance improvement. Based on needs assessments that identify gaps in knowledge between current and best practices, we have developed content that focuses on relevant, evidence-based practices for specialty audiences. Global maintains an exemplary program by managing self-directed and other live and enduring education activities, collaborating in strategic partnerships, developing expert faculty, and relying on established principles of adult learning and evidence-based medicine to improve the provision of healthcare.

Partnerships are Global’s Exclusive Focus

Our sole focus is to provide effective collaboration and CME intelligence to grow results.

Collaborating with Global opens a world of new opportunities. We hope our partnership can help you grow and advance your success.  

The core philosophy of Palliative Care and Hospice Care are the same: provide comfort and symptom management to maximize the quality of life.

ASCO/NCCN 2017 Recommendations-Palliative Care consultation should be offered to every newly diagnosed stage 4 cancer patient.

25% of deaths occur at home – more than 70% of Americans would prefer to die at home(Robert Wood Johnson Foundation)

Eric Bush, MD, RPh, MBA


  • Have Empathy
  • Refer “Early”
  • Primum Non-nocere
  • Forest For Trees
  • Be Aware Of Transference/Countertransference
  • This Is A Team Sport, Involve Your Teammates
  • Risk Vs Benefit
  • Don’t Forget Self-Care
  • You Are The Future And The Future Is Now!

Contact us at 844-505-CARE for more information about our subscription plans and activities for hospice and palliative training in Baltimore, MD.